Miranda Priestly || Exit Sequence [Entry Sequence]

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Meryl Streep by Jeff Bridges | The Giver ~ Behind the Scenes

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Meryl as Chief Elder

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On the first day there was that awful stomach-turning moment when Rob [Marshall] said ‘OK, we’re all going to sing’. We all screamed because up until that point we had all been singing in our own private little caves. And now we had to sing in front of each other. Even Meryl was screaming.

-Emily Blunt on Into the Woods

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"She’s the greatest actress that has ever walked this earth and on top of that, she has the most amazing face. What she is able to transmit with those eyes, that skin - it’s like there’s a light bulb inside her." - Penelope Cruz

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Meryl Streep in Lanvin at the 86th Annual Academy Awards, 2014

One never doubts Alber’s love for women and his consideration of how ease and fluidity make a woman feel lovely. -Meryl Streep about Alber Elbaz

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Meryl Streep by Jeff Bridges.

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Meryl Streep and Olivia Colman at The Iron Lady London premiere, 2012.

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